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Being a large size vehicle owner I must tell you that Abu Dhabi is a big street city. This means, we don’t see barriers and stops after every second. Though on each side you will see long roads. For a large vehicle user, there will be many things to notice. Something that can make any large vehicle user worry about a breakdown can happen at any minute during the drive. Therefore, we should always take care of everything in our vehicle. So, in a situation when there’s a breakdown of your vehicle, the only roadside help is a car recovery truck near me.

Intensive care during the car recovery taking your vehicle.

Al Fazal is a company in Abu Dhabi for intensive car care during the breakdown. However, this care is related to the owners of cars. We know that every time on the road several breakdowns can happen due to any reason. Therefore, we as rec car recovery truck near me make ourselves ready to handle any situation such as accident cover, jump start car, Tire replacement on the roadside, and engine failure. Indeed, we are a company with several car recovery vehicles and drivers. In Abu Dhabi wherever you are, you only just need to use the internet and contact us through our given contact numbers.

car recovery truck near me

What may be the reasons that your vehicle needs help in car recovery

My be your vehicle is a large size. Though in many situations you may get breakdown issues. There may be empty fuel, tire puncture or etc reasons. These incidents make our journey hard and waste our precious time. Therefore Al Fazal car recovery truck near me is always helpful. We have these extra services available for any size of vehicles.

  • Fuel Delivery
  • Puncture Tire repair and replacement
  • Battery service
  • Quad Bike takes service
  • Pullout service
  • Flatbed recovery trucks
  • Covered Recovery Trucks service

The best reasons on following services that we supply:

Fuel Delivery

On roads, you will always hurry to reach to destinations. Though you may get empty due to fuel coverage anytime if you forget to refill. This is the worst situation in which you will feel alone on the road. However, there would be no one to help you and stop their vehicles on the road for you. Even if, someone stops their vehicle for you may need a refilling bottle to refuel your vehicle. Indeed such situations can be scary and time taking. Thus we are the best to get you out of the situation of empty fuel in your vehicle tank. We will come to deliver fuel to your vehicle at a very minimal price of services.

Puncture tire repair and replacement

Heat on the road and your vehicle tire face a lot. This means it has the main responsibility to cover. On every single mile, you will always be reaching your destination. But think if your vehicle tire goes burst or puncture. This is the worst situation and loss of time. Every vehicle should have a spare tire for this situation. However, changing a punctured tire alone can be a headache task for you.

You know we have all options. Repair a punctured tire as well as replace your tire on the road and spot wherever you need. We will not charge for the situation. However, we have a fixed price solution for all services that we give to our customers in emergency need.

Battery service

Do you have your vehicle for a long time now? If your vehicle is old enough then its battery must be the same old. Its battery is getting old and weak. If your vehicle battery is giving a hard time starting vehicle check its power. If it’s not ok then it’s time to replace it. For this, we have the best solution to do battery replacement at the doorstep.

Quad Bike Take service

We are a company with a number of fleets and most of the customers of tourism hire us to take their quad bikes delivery on the spot through us. So we are always ready to assist.

Pullout Service

Deserts can be enjoyed during dune bashing or riding. However, sometimes it happens that your vehicle is stuck in the middle during the drive in the desert. So time is very hard to take assistance from a normal 4×4 vehicle. It may need a heavy vehicle to pull out. This means sand can be very heavy to take your vehicle out with the help of a normal vehicle. We are always ready to help you in such situations as Al Fazal Car Recovery Abu Dhabi has many pull-out heavy vehicles.

Flatbed Recovery Trucks

Al Fazal is a very famous car recovery and towing company in Abu Dhabi. We have a number of different vehicles as per the usage. We have normal recovery trucks, 3-ton recovery Abu Dhabi, and Flatbad recovery trucks. This means for any situation we have every type of truck.

Al Fazal Car Recovery Services

Our highly proficient technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As well as our high-quality vehicle recovery service, we also provide Roadside AssistanceEmergency Vehicle Jump StartTyre change, and Fuel Delivery services. We cater to all vehicle types and can assist whether the problem is mechanical or electrical.

Recovery Truck Abu Dhabi 3 ton

Our aim is complete customer satisfaction and you can be rest assured that should the worst happen to you, our dedicated vehicle recovery team will arrive at your location with the best possible equipment to get you on your way again.

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